Renault Kenya

Simba Caetano Formula

Simba Caetano Formula is the new Renault official distributor in Kenya.
With solid regional experience in the automotive sector, a strong team of experts and an established distribution network coming from Simba Corporation along with the long experience in excellent after-sales services as well as the solid know-how in international commerce of Salvador Caetano, Simba Caetano Formula is here to perpetuate Renault’s footprints in Kenya by driving customers to the best solution in every occasion.
This arising company is born from two well-established corporate groups that joined their efforts to build the best partner for business when it comes to mobility: meet Simba Corporation and Salvador Caetano Group.
Simba Corporation is an integrated business group headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with activities in severl diversified fields. At the moment, Simba Corporation is one of Kenya’s most successful native commercial organizations with a very rich heritage in motor vehicle sales and service that has grown from a modest used-car selling enterprise founded in 1948 by Mr. Abdul Karim Popat. 

Simba Corporation’s headquarters is complemented by a network of properly equipped sales and service facilities in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumo. Alongside with such facilities, the sales and service coverage is enhanced by an extensive dealer network across the country, for instance in Nakuro, Nanyuki and Nyeri.

The company spares no effort in seeking new avenues to continue presenting to the growing East African market with a range of premium and functional global brands and business solutions that truly reflect its  costumers needs.

Salvador Caetano Group is a Portuguese group operating internationally in the motor industry. Its first and main activity is automotive distribution and retail, however other activities such as bus construction, industrial equipment sales, auto after-sales services and IT development are also expertise fields of this group. It has always had a pioneering philosophy in all its sectors.

With more than six decades of activity, the Group continues to widen its horizons. Since its beginning, Salvador Caetano Group has set foot in numerous markets like Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Cape Verde, Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, China and others. Its ambition and hard-work will surely become the key for attaining the growth needed to become an established institution that firmly keeps up with the demanding corporate environment of the 21st century.

Salvador Caetano builds our future.